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MOVEit Managed File Transfer

Information flow is key for the modern organisation. Mission-critical and sensitive data is often needed across multiple locations and offices. Key applications may exist in different infrastructures.

Service providers must often provide private data directly to their customers. However, sharing these valuable data assets in a controlled manner without compromising security has been a challenge.

Some organisations are still using inefficient, non-secure methods to share their valuable information.

Though convenient, email attachments and cloud-based drop-boxes are not without serious limitations and dangers. Non-existent version control, non-secure transmission, poor access control and file management and limited reporting are often compliance fails - or worse.

Managed File Transfer enables the secure transfer of data from a person or a computer to another person or computer through an internal LAN or external network such as the internet providing a higher level of security and control than traditional FTP Servers.

Ipswitch was founded in 1991 on a simple premise: to produce IT software that took what was possible and made it practical. The award winning software is now monitoring over 150,000 networks and 10 million devices.

What is Managed File Transfer?

M - Managed means that the process of transferring files is controlled, centralised, audited and, sometimes, even automated

F - File is a discrete, logical package of information or data, stored within a file system and identified by a filename

T - Transfer describes the movement or duplication from one filing system to another. The two systems might be connected together on a private network, the internet or by means of VPN

Why use Managed File Transfer?

Organisations are now moving away from traditional FTP Server solutions to MOVEit Managed File Transfer as it offers a number of key features not available within traditional FTP Servers such as:

- Encryption at Rest and in Transit

- API's

- Integration with Anti-Virus and Data Loss Prevention systems

Managed File Transfer

Moving away from traditional FTP server solutions to MOVEit MFT with a number of key features not available on traditional FTP servers.

Secure File Transfer

Administrating a 360-degree view of the organisation's file transfer processes.

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MOVEit enables the secure transfer of data , Also providing a high level of security and control than traditional FTP Servers. Talk to a Tech on 02 9095 3880 or get a Free trial today.

Secure File Transfer for Today's Enterprise

Moveit Evaluation Software

MOVEit ensures secure and compliant transfers of sensitive data to external partners and systems

P2P File Sharing

Secure, Seamless method for individuals to share files.

Workflow Automation

Replace file transfers performed via scripts or disparate systems with a secure centralised system.

Compliance Reporting

Ipswitch Analytics provides flexible reporting, manage workflows and simplify the audit process.

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